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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Bella doesn't really care

I had just come out of the dank hallways of the PETA building where I had tricked their hypocritical dictator into getting eaten by his own robot bodyguard, the same robot that he had used to intimidate me when I first came in. I went over to the elevator, pushed the down button, and got on when it arrived.

There were three other people in the elevator, and just as the door was about to close I saw Nic Cage get dropped of by a heliocopter and run into the bank right next to the PETA building, holding a giant sack. The elevator didn't move anywhere, and a few minutes later it just opened back up again, at the same floor/place when I got on, but now a very bloody Nic Cage was standing there and got on.

Everybody was staring at him, and he was trying to make up a story where he didn't just attempt to rob a bank and got brutally shot. His ankles were bleeding like hell. Then one of the other elevator-passenger's started talking. He was obviously military and said he used to fly planes.

You think you're going to die. Your entire body is telling you that you're going to shut down soon. But you know what I was told? You're body was born with a slow death wish. Every individual organ in your body is waiting for the moment when it can finally shut down and stop all of it's hard work. But when you put all of these individual organs together, for some reason it creates a body that wants nothing more than to continue to live as much as possible and at any cost.

Then the elevator doors opened up to an empty cliff face and I heard the roaring of the heliocopter a few seconds before it lowered into view. Nic Cage jumped on and the heliocopter roared off. The elevator doors closed, and that was that.


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