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Sunday, June 13, 2004

If you're curious: the pig painted it's spot back on

We were lying bed when she asks me for a story. I open my eyes, look around, and the first thing I see is a blue, stuffed pig on her mantle. My mind kicks into gear and I start telling her the story of the pig who was insecure about his one big blue spot. My pig had already encountered a witch and was running happily home, spot-free, when I notice that she'd fallen asleep. I didn't know what to do. Of course stopping the story is inconceivable, so I just keep on going, right up to the end.

I even do an afterward to provide a nice bit of conclusion.

It was kind of weird, since I was basically talking to myself. And it's not like when I normally talk to myself in the car, then at least I can have conversations with the other cars around me. This was nighttime, and she was listening, but then she wasn't, and my story had just put her to sleep, and it'd never done that before.

The story was done and I slowly drifted to sleep kinda unsure about things. Right before my head sunk through the pillow I opened my eyes and realized that even though she was asleep, she probably still heard me talking, and what I said has probably gotten into her mind and has infected her dreams.

I started to think: this story, it became like a virus, and that's kinda a nice goal.

For some reason that made me happy. After that I fell happily asleep.


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