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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I just like funny hats

I was at work, and I went to download a program called phpMyAdmin. Its web site gave me the option of choosing which country I'd like to download it from, probably with the idea that I'd pick the closest one for the best speeds. I get to make this choice often at work, but since I get bored and my job isn't really speed-intensive, I normally decide to choose a country I'd like to visit one day.

This is honestly one of the highlights of my day.

Today I decided I would be downloading from Moscow, Russia, since I was just in that kind of mood. But it oddly listed Moscow, Russia as being in Europe, which I never knew.

I decided to go ahead and download it from Moscow, Russia, Europe, when suddenly the download failed, and wouldn't start back up. I assume that wherever Moscow, Russia was, it packed up and left for someplace that isn't Europe, and did it before my download finished. Which bothered me because I was looking foward to wearing the funny hat.

So instead, today I'm visiting Paris, France.

And this is how I spend my days.