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Friday, October 29, 2004

I'd offer to refinance their penis size

Undecided voters have taken a turn for the worse recently. They used to hold the future of our country in their hands. Now they're pariahs.

It was really the last debate that crystalized these feelings for everybody. The question is: After watching all the debates, exactly what are these people waiting for? What piece of news or what campaign promise are these people looking for in order to decide? There's nothing new that's going to come out between now and the election. Every piece of news from every candidate will be nothing more than unverified attacks.

The only non-spin content we ever had to look foward to were the debates, and those are over. The only new news these undecided voters will be getting is be the election-equivalent of spam.

And that's what will to decide the fate our country? Election spam? Our election will be decided based on whether they prefer John Kerry offering to refinance their mortage at low low rates or George Bush's offer to increase their penis size?

That's what it comes down to?


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