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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Metrosexualization of the Hummer

Within three generations of development, the Hummer has changed from an intimidating military vehicle to an extremely easy and metrosexual car.


Look at the original Hummer:
Straight lines, hard corners, and very very ugly. It's a fairly functional vehicle.

Hummer H2

Look at the H2:
Still some straight lines, but some curved lines too, and a smaller and almost castrated front hood. All in all a simply more palatable vehicle.

Hummer H3

Look at the upcoming H3:
Even more curved lines and softer corners. The grill managed to get even gentler. It now looks like a regular SUV. The H3 is just cute as a button.

The H3 is obviously trying to target a different type of consumer than the original. Even on their website, surf over to their sketches of the H3, they're all done in shades of yellow, blue and purple.

I can think of a few reasons for this:
  1. Women make as many as 80% of the car-buying decisions in the family. Even the Hummer commercials are targeting women, showing a suburban mother dropping off her kid on the first day at school.

  2. Women prefer curves.

  3. The market for general car-buyers is simply much larger than the market for enthusiasts. It's true. I don't even have to link this.

To prove my point beyond a shadow of a doubt, I've uncovered an exclusive image of what the next generation Hummer will look like, tentatively (and imaginatively) called Hummer: H4.

Hummer H4


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