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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I drive like a buddhist monk

There's nothing in the world like driving a pickup down a major highway sideways. It's not as much driving as it is serenely moving the wheel and touching the brake pedal—wondering if it will really do anything—as you pleasantly float down a four-lane highway at highway speeds.

It's nice—you can see the incoming wave of traffic much more clearly out of the side window than you could out of the rear-view mirror. And if that window is too fogged up for you, just an panicked turn of the wheel and the truck will do a 180° to let you watch them out the other side window.

Eventually, after continuing like this for a while, you'll be left wondering whether the sporadically placed guard rail will hold against a barrelling truck. But it does, and the tale of fun ends in a manner surprisingly far less messy than was possible. And you feel kind good about the whole thing. (Until the the same thing happens again two weeks later.)


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